Whip Cream Fight

My kids love stories, especially stories about my or my husbands childhood. They love them so much it has become a nightly ritual at our house.  I keep waiting for the day we have run out of stories. Can we go back to the beginning and pray they can’t remember the first few or do we outsource the stories to friends and family?
One of my stories was about a birthday party I had as a child.  My mom threw awesome parties. One year she allowed us to have a whip cream fight in the back yard. I remember having the best time!   Being covered in sweet, sticky sugar was heaven!
Needless to say, after my kids heard that story, they wanted to know when they could have this awesome whip cream fight. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I said “OF COURSE” and planned it for our family vacation at the beach. I thought we can jump in the ocean after a huge whip cream fight with 13 kids, and maybe a few adults who are still kids at heart. (ME, ME)
I highly recommend not eating too much whip cream because stomach aches will happen, and shower immediately after. Whip cream smells a little funny.  It could have been because I bought cheap whip cream at Wal-mart….
A big thanks to Taylor for allowing all those kids to bombard him with whip cream!!!